Recent Research Developments in Applied Physics, Vol. 10 Antimicrobials from Nature: Effective Control Agents for Drug Resistant Pathogens Recent Research Developments in Ecology, Vol. 4 Recent Research Developments in Lipids, Vol. 9 Recent Research Developments in Electrochemistry, Vol. 9
Recent Research Developments in Cancer, Vol. 10 Recent Research Developments in Polymer Science, Vol.11 Recent Research Developments in Analytical Biochemistry, Vol. 5 Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery. Design, Synthesis and Screening

Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors: From Animal Studies to Clinical Implications

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The Life and Times of the Great Sai Baba of Shirdi

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Recent Research Developments in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, Vol. 1
Editor:S. G. Pandalai
Recent Research Developments in Pattern Recognition, Vol. 5
Editor:S. G. Pandalai
Recent Research Developments in Chemical Engineering, Vol. 7
Editor:S. G. Pandalai
Recent Research Developments in Cancer, Vol. 10
Editor:S. G. Pandalai
Recent Research Developments in Infection & Immunity, Vol. 4
Editor:S. G. Pandalai
Recent Research Developments in Organic Chemistry, Vol. 13
Editor:S. G. Pandalai
Recent Advances in Alcoholic Liver Disease
Editor:Andrea Romani
Advances in Animal Nutrition
Editor:Akbar Taghizadeh
Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Organic Pigments for Printing of Cotton Fabric
Editors: A. Hebeish, A.A Ragheb, M.Gouda, E. Allam and H. Shaban
Recent Developments in Pain Research, Vol. 1
Editor: S.G. Pandalai
Recent Developments in Carbohydrate Research, Vol. 4
Editor: S.G. Pandalai
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