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Advances in Quantum Chemical Bonding Structures
Editor: Mihai V. Putz

Quantum Perspectives on the Nature of the Chemical Bond

Mihai V. Putz and Adrian Chiriac

Quantum Anharmonic Oscillators in the Many Particle Systems.
Duşan Popov

Application of the Wigner Function to Rovibrational states of Molecule
Jerzy Konarski and J. Stanek

The Shortest Carbon Single Bonds of Chemistry
Pablo R. Duchowicz and Eduardo A. Castro

Structures and Bonding of Pseudohalides
Nora B. Okulik, Alicia H. Jubert, and Eduardo A. Castro

Non-Covalent Interactions in Solid-State Molecular Tectonics
Marc Henry

On The Non-Conventional Three-Center Bonds in Chemistry
Henryk Chojnacki

The Non-Covalent Stacking Interaction with Aromatic Moiety of Molecules
Imre Labádi

Nature of the Electrostatic-ionic Interaction. Its Role in Chemistry and Biochemistry
Imre Labádi

Overlap Population – a Quantum Chemical Criterion for Atom-Atom Intermolecular Interaction
Cezar Bendic

The Hydrogen Bonding in Life
Cemil Öğretir

Modeling the Intermolecular H-Bonded Systems with Varying Energy of Interactions: Substituted Phenols
Halina Szatylowicz and Tadeusz Marek Krygowski

Structural Modification of Conformers Resulting from Different Albumin Refolding Dynamics
Victor Em. Sahini, Gabriela Ionita

Molecular Connectivity, Complete Graphs, and Core Electrons
Lionello Pogliani

Quantum and Topological Impact on HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors
Mihai V. Putz, Daniel Duda-Seiman, Silvia Mancas, Corina Duda-Seiman, and Ana-Maria Lacrămă

Designing a Spectral Structure-Activity Ecotoxico-Logistical Battery
Ana-Maria Lacrămă, Mihai V. Putz, and Vasile Ostafe 

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